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Scope Security is the only cloud-native security solution that combines the power of healthcare-trained human threat hunters with predictive security analytics to protect the entire hospital and automate the detection of and response to attacks against all IT systems, medical devices, and EHR environments.

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Visibility Everywhere Means

Protection Everywhere.

If one environment is unprotected, then all environments are unprotected. It can take days to uncover a breach. Scope OmniSight™ detects breaches no matter where they happen. Response begins immediately.
Detection across legacy and modern technology within all environments.
Cybersecurity for the IT Environment in Hospitals


Cybersecurity for the Clinical IoMT Environment in Hospitals


Cybersecurity for the EHR Environment in Hospitals


Unique challenges require a tailored solution.

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The Key 43 Days
Healthcare has dealt with a scourge of ransomware. Average dwell times suggest that ransomware can be stopped long before encryption is deployed.

Alert Fatigue
IT security tools tailored for large security teams swamp resources with too many alerts.

Threat Actors
Threat intelligence developed in other industries fails to capture and model unique actions taken by healthcare attackers.

The Validation Boundary
FDA regulations on clinical devices (machine AND software) limit timing and effectiveness of patches AND traditional endpoint security.

Mix of Legacy and New Devices
Security solutions must passively monitor a complex mix of legacy devices, old operating systems and new devices with increased connectivity and functionality.

The Machines Are Everywhere
Hospitals mix IT devices and clinical devices in nearly every room and attackers can quickly pivot devices.

Unknown Vulnerabilities
EHR vendors are not required to publish their security updates or vulnerabilities publicly, leaving most security technologies blind to attacks.

Detections Are in the Data
With limited EHR vulnerability data, EHR audit logs must be monitored and analyzed in real time.

The Unmonitored Crown Jewels
The EHR holds the crown jewels of the modern health system—PHI, and the entire working of the hospital. A lack of monitoring to date has led to a false sense of security.

We believe in safer healthcare.

We believe it is possible to create a world where the best healthcare is delivered safely, securely, and on time. The only way to do that is to eliminate the risk of cyberattack against our healthcare ecosystem.

– Scope Security
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The future of healthcare cybersecurity is here now.

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