Hospital Cybersecurity:
Stop Ransomware.
Reduce Risk and Cost.
Protect Patient Privacy. 

Scope Security is a cloud-native security solution that combines the power of healthcare-trained human threat hunters with predictive security analytics to automate detection and response across IT, clinical technologies and EHR environments for improved security operations and outcomes.

Visibility Everywhere.

Scope OmniSight™ is an Extended Detection & Response platform purpose-built for health systems that provides visibility of all the risks across an entire healthcare delivery organization. The platform collects and enriches data from traditional IT (e.g. endpoint, network, and cloud telemetry), clinical technologies and EHR audit and access logs.   We then analyze it with multiple detection engines trained on healthcare specific attacks and threats. Machine learning and custom detection rules then deliver customized protection for your organization.

 Our single pane of glass solution is powered by healthcare-specific AI that enables health systems to connect the dots across attacks on Clinical Devices, Electronic Health Records and Traditional IT quickly and comprehensively. Scope OmniSight™ increases response times and provides the system the context it needs to prioritize risks.

Clinical Threat Visibility

Clinical devices are difficult to monitor and create significant vulnerabilities within health systems due to a combination of their network connectivity and a myriad of regulations.

Scope provides security purpose-built for clinical networks, including network traffic analysis, integration with IoMT security products and clinical device telemetry.

EHR Threat Visibility

Electronic Medical Records house a critical combination of Personal Health Information and other senisitve personal information.

Scope provides coverage of all modern EMR/EHR systems and privacy analytics tools to detect risky and compromised activities in the EHR.

IT Threat Visibility

Traditional IT systems can be an attractive entry point for an attacker, and connecting the dots between these events and the rest of the health system’s network is increasingly becoming mission critical.

Scope provides security for all traditional IT systems and IT security technologies as they are deployed within healthcare environments.

91% of CIOs strongly agreed that “bolstering information security” is a strategic priority in 2021
The Health Management Academy

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How Scope stops Ransomware

Ransomware has been the most pervasive threat against healthcare organizations in for the past few years.  Read Scope’s perspective on why ransomware has continued to proliferate despite the industry’s best efforts.

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