Press Release: $20 Million Series A Funding Raised

Scope Security Announces $20M Series A Funding Round Led by Thrive Capital

Scope Security Creates Healthcare-First Solution Designed to Stop Ransomware, Protect Patients, Accelerate Innovation

Scope Security, a next generation security platform purpose-built for health systems, today announced that it has raised a $20 million Series A round led by Thrive Capital. A group of other investors, including SV Angel, Martin Ventures, Sound Ventures, Crossbeam and Free Solo joined the round.

The investment and Scope’s traction to date reflect a demand for cyber security solutions designed to address the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem. In a recent HIMSS study, 70% of hospitals surveyed had experienced a “significant security incident” within the past twelve months. The associated disruption from these attacks has significant near-term and long-term costs to both the financial health of institutions and to the patients they exist to serve. At the same time, Covid-19 has accelerated investment in digital innovation like remote patient monitoring and telehealth that have created new security vulnerabilities. These factors suggest that health system leadership must consider their security infrastructure holistically and invest in a proactive strategy that supports new care delivery mechanisms while ensuring patient safety, data privacy and the continuity of care.

“Cybersecurity is a necessary foundation for innovation to flourish within healthcare”— Kareem Zaki, Thrive Capital

Scope is led by Mike Murray. In his two decades in the industry, Murray has helped discover some of the world’s most notorious breaches and nation state threats. He is sought out by industry, media and security teams for insight on today’s most pressing issues in cybersecurity.

“The past few years have seen attacks on health systems cost millions of dollars, breach millions of records and cause harm to patients. We started Scope Security to address the unique challenges of healthcare delivery, to offer the same caliber of security that has long been available to financial services, industrials and government organizations. Generalist security firms are focused solely on IT, and lack a fundamental understanding of the healthcare ecosystem from medical devices and clinical systems to EHR to emerging digital health technology. These gaps create opportunities to be exploited by increasingly organized, well-funded cyber criminal actors and enterprises. With Scope, I want to rectify that, to protect one of our most vulnerable industries and to ensure patient access to healthcare they can trust.”

Prior to founding Scope, Murray served as the CSO at Lookout, where he presided over the protection of nearly 200m mobile users and their data and helped discover and track nation state attackers like the NSO Group and Dark Caracal (Lebanon). Previously, he led Product Development Security at GE Healthcare, where he built a global team that secured all of GE Healthcare’s portfolio of pre-market medical devices and services. Murray has assembled a team from Lookout, Palantir, and Rapid7 to bring this offer to market.

“Cybersecurity is a necessary foundation for innovation to flourish within healthcare,” said Kareem Zaki, Partner at Thrive Capital and Co-Founder of Scope. “We are thrilled to be building alongside and partnered with the exceptional team at Scope who is singularly focused on solving this issue.”

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