A Conversation With Esmond Kane: Truth and Risk

In this episode Mike welcomes Esmond Kane, CISO of Steward Health. Join us as they discuss the risks accompanying advances in technology allowing doctors to treat patients remotely. As a CISO Esmond knows these risks can’t be eliminated entirely, but they must be managed. Transcript 0:00:02.8 Speaker 1: Welcome to In Scope, The Healthcare Security […]

Bonus Episode: Ransomware As a Service

The news of large-scale attacks at Colonial Pipeline and Scripps Healthcare has brought ransomware back into the news. With lines for gas on the east coast, and Scripps’ medical personnel having to resort to using paper records to track patient interaction, Mike welcomed back noted security researcher and lecturer at Boston University, Kai Bernardini to […]

Looking Back at 2020: Oh What A Year

The Scope team reviews the year in healthcare security. And it was a doozy. Show Notes In this episode of In Scope, the healthcare security podcast, Mike Murray hosts another internal Scope Security conversation with colleagues Jeremy Richards and John Daniele. Jeremy is the Chief Architect at Scope, and he is responsible for data ingestion […]

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