Getting to Know the Clinical Vulnerability Landscape

Threats against the clinical cyber environment come in many flavors. These threats range from automated malware and non-technical insiders to highly resourced cybercriminals and nation-state / Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attackers.  But even though the attackers and their motivations vary widely, all clinical threats take advantage of the same attack surface. Here’s what you need […]

Medical Device Patching: Understanding the Complexities

One of the most challenging issues around securing medical devices is involved in patching them.   While the FDA is on record stating that “security patches do not require FDA approval,” device manufacturers often argue that the FDA validation process limits their ability to patch. Ultimately, both sides are correct. Unfortunately, this leaves hospitals and care […]

Securing Healthcare: What to Watch For in 2021

There was no shortage of challenges for healthcare CISOs in 2020. From the sudden surge in remote work and telemedicine to an epidemic of ransomware attacks, security teams have had their work cut out for them. Looking ahead to 2021, the Scope Security team sees some new and emerging security threats that security and technology […]

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