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In Scope is the healthcare cybersecurity podcast that tackles the critical security issues facing hospitals, clinics and other healthcare delivery systems in candid conversations with healthcare security leaders and host Mike Murray.


Mifan Careem - The Importance of Consent Management

A Conversation with Mifan Careem: The Importance of Consent Management

In this episode, Mike welcomes Mifan Careem, Vice President – Solutions Architecture at WSO2. Join us as they discuss consent management, the process of involving patients and users in deciding which pieces of data can be shared or exposed between applications and for what duration. Mifan sees consent management as playing a big role in the future of healthcare security.

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Bill Pellitier - A Conversation With Healthcare Security Expert

A Conversation with Healthcare Security Expert Bill Pelletier

Healthcare security veteran Bill Pelletier has seen the industry from all sides. In this episode he shares his thoughts on what 2021 may look like for security vendors and CISOs alike. Bill expounds upon his prediction that it will be regarded as ‘the great supply chain chase’. There is no broad solution for everything, so the singular events and specific purposes various products serve are proven to be battles in the supply chains.

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Jeremy Richards & John Daniele - Healthcare Security Predictions From The Experts At Scope

2021 Healthcare Security Predictions from the Experts at Scope

Dig into the trends, topics, and top risks facing the healthcare security sector with the Scope Security team. Find out more about the phishing campaign of those involved in the distribution of the COVID vaccine and how supply chain hacks are on the rise. Learn also about the FireEye hack and how they released detection signatures for their very own tools so quickly after finding that they were compromised.

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Looking Back at 2020: Oh What A Year

The Scope team reviews the year in healthcare security. And it was a doozy. While there was reason to expect focus on the transition from traditional to cloud-based EMRs, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced cyberattacks and ransomware to the fore as principal concerns. Moreover, the pandemic has produced great strides in digital transformation and a new urgency and fountain of activity with regard to phishing; intellectual property theft, especially, has been a heightened threat.

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