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Hosted by Mike Murray
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In Scope is the healthcare cybersecurity podcast that tackles the critical security issues facing hospitals, clinics and other healthcare delivery systems in candid conversations with healthcare security leaders and host Mike Murray.


A Conversation with John Hammond: Hands-On Hacking

In this episode, Mike welcomes John Hammond, a cybersecurity researcher, educator, and content creator. Join us as they break down the hard work, grit, and patience required to become a hacker, much different from the fantasy world portrayed in TV and movies.

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In this bonus episode, Mike shares updates about the exciting developments coming from Scope Security and looks back at the recurring cybersecurity topics of this past year, both on our podcast and out in the world! Of course, it wouldn't be an end-of-year episode without 2022 predictions. Thank you for tuning in this year! We're excited to bring you more exciting topics and conversations in the coming year.