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In Scope is the healthcare cybersecurity podcast that tackles the critical security issues facing hospitals, clinics and other healthcare delivery systems in candid conversations with healthcare security leaders and host Mike Murray.


A Conversation with John Hammond: Hands-On Hacking

In this episode, Mike welcomes John Hammond, a cybersecurity researcher, educator, and content creator. Join us as they break down the hard work, grit, and patience required to become a hacker, much different from the fantasy world portrayed in TV and movies.

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Mike is joined by Mike Nelson VP of IoT Security at DigiCert. Join us as they talk about how COVID has accelerated the need for hospitals to secure connected devices not only within the hospital but well beyond it. Connectivity brings about its fair share of challenges, including authentication, encryption and integrity. PKI is particularly relevant because it’s a starting point for many manufacturers and the rate at which hospitals are beginning to adopt it.
The news of large-scale attacks at Colonial Pipeline and Scripps Healthcare has brought ransomware back into the news. With lines for gas on the east coast, and Scripps’ medical personnel having to resort to using paper records to track patient interaction, Mike welcomed back noted security researcher and lecturer at Boston University, Kai Bernardini to discuss the alarming trend of ransomware gangs pooling their resources to offer ransomware as a service and the present and future directions of ransomware.
Mike welcomes Indiana University Health CISO, Mitch Parker. Join us as they discuss the importance of getting businesses to talk and think about cybersecurity not as an afterthought, but as a part of the business that is not overly complicated and draconian. How can the security team and business leaders work together to ensure best practices and to avoid costly breaches?
Mike talks to the authors of the book, Practical IoT Hacking, Fotios Chantzis and Beau Woods. Woods and Chantzis share their thoughts behind creating a safe and lawful guide to the ins and outs of hacking medical IoT devices, covering everything from the software layer to the hardware layer and everything in between.
Healthcare security veteran Bill Pelletier has seen the industry from all sides. In this episode he shares his thoughts on what 2021 may look like for security vendors and CISOs alike. Bill expounds upon his prediction that it will be regarded as ‘the great supply chain chase'. There is no broad solution for everything, so the singular events and specific purposes various products serve are proven to be battles in the supply chains.