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In Scope is the healthcare cybersecurity podcast that tackles the critical security issues facing hospitals, clinics and other healthcare delivery systems in candid conversations with healthcare security leaders and host Mike Murray.


A Conversation with John Hammond: Hands-On Hacking

In this episode, Mike welcomes John Hammond, a cybersecurity researcher, educator, and content creator. Join us as they break down the hard work, grit, and patience required to become a hacker, much different from the fantasy world portrayed in TV and movies.

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Dig into the trends, topics, and top risks facing the healthcare security sector with the Scope Security team. Find out more about the phishing campaign of those involved in the distribution of the COVID vaccine and how supply chain hacks are on the rise. Learn also about the FireEye hack and how they released detection signatures for their very own tools so quickly after finding that they were compromised.
The Scope team reviews the year in healthcare security. And it was a doozy. While there was reason to expect focus on the transition from traditional to cloud-based EMRs, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced cyberattacks and ransomware to the fore as principal concerns. Moreover, the pandemic has produced great strides in digital transformation and a new urgency and fountain of activity with regard to phishing; intellectual property theft, especially, has been a heightened threat.
Government security industry veteran Dean Smith talks with Mike Murray about securing EHRs and the challenges of interoperability across health systems. What is medical informatics? Learn about this advanced application of technology to medicine and medical care. Dean gets into the electronic health records, patient portals, tele-medicine, and remote patient monitoring that merges the medical field with technology.
Mike talks with Cisco cybersecurity specialist (and avid gamer) Carolina Terrazas about how she helps CISOs prioritize their security spend using game theory. Lina wanted her customers to go into "triage mode," focusing on security issues in order or importance. So, she applied game theory to help them think about their portfolios and assets, thus helping them pinpoint their priorities and necessary security tools.
The complexities of medical device security will only get more so, with the evolution of at-home healthcare, telemedicine and device IoT. In this episode, Mike Murray talks to Mike Nelson, VP of IoT Security at DigiCert about how security vendors and HDOs can rise to the challenge together.