Complete Visibility, tailored for healthcare.

Attackers have long had many places to hide in the healthcare technology environment.  Scope OmniSightprovides the ability to detect attackers across legacy and modern technology, as well as in the IT, Clinical and EMR stacks.


Detect IT Attacks

Traditional attacks against IT infrastructure are as effective in healthcare as in every other type of industry.  Phishing, exploitation of known unpatched vulnerabilities, and issues with application security in public internet facing systems are all concerns that exist in healthcare.  However, many of these attacks are different in the modern HDO – false positives and false negatives are normal in healthcare environments.  And healthcare security teams rarely have the extra staff needed to tune and triage those misdetections.

Detect Attacks against Clinical Systems

The past 10 years has seen an explosion in connected clinical technologies.  From the largest CT scanner to the smallest infusion pumps to medical technologies like PACS, nearly everything is connected.  While the technical interconnection has brought faster and better care outcomes, they also create an attack surface that most healthcare delivery organizations can’t secure. This leaves the choice of trying to wall those devices off  (often losing functionality in the process) and accepting the risk to sensitive data, operations, and patient safety.

Detect Attacks against the EHR

The EHR system has long been viewed as the domain of privacy and compliance.  However, as modern attackers have realize the value of healthcare records, the EHR has become a primary target for cyberattacks.  Insider threats have long proliferated, but with more provider and patient reliance on the EHR for interaction with the healthcare ecosystem,  credential theft and exploitation of vulnerabilities in EHR software and components are becoming primary vectors of attack in to the modern healthcare system.

Detection and Response at the Speed of Healthcare

The Scope Collector

Scope’s minimal and zero-maintenance Collector appliance uses its pre-configured data acquisition pipelines to connect to existing data sources and security products from all across the network, cloud, endpoint, and even SIEM.  It then enriches that data with all necessary security context, extracts relevant features and entities that are needed and securely transmits it to the Scope OmniSight™ platform.

Resilience and Reliability

Scope’s cloud platform is deployed across multiple regions to ensure maximum uptime.  Our infrastructure is tuned for maximum uptime and to ensure that performance is optimized to ensure detections are delivered in real time.  And our environment is built for provable security.

Healthcare Specific AI

Scope OmniSight’sAI algorithms are trained on multiple levels of our product – advanced machine learning algorithms that can parse and process logs from thousands of systems, baselining and outlier detection algorithms that can find anomalies in any system, and AI automation to triage events like a layer-1 SOC Analyst.

OmniSight Threat Intelligence

Scope Security can natively ingest threat indicators from a myriad of technology sources, enrich them using multiple threat data sources, including our own tailored feeds, and provide a more prioritized view of threat across the enterprise. Using this approach, an HDO can ensure that they focus their resources on the threats that will most likely impact their organization.

Single Pane of Glass

Scope’s UI provides all of our insights in to the threats in your enviornment, as well as what other recommendations we have for creating the most effective security program.

Flexible Alerting and Interaction

We know that you probably already have a way to ingest our information other than our interface.  Scope can be configured to deliver results to any system you have – from as simple as email or text notification to integration with modern SIEMs and ticketing systems.

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