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Attackers have long had many places to hide in the healthcare technology environment. Scope OmniSight™ introduces the ability to detect attackers across legacy and modern technology, as well as in the IT, Clinical, and EMR stacks.

How OmniSight™ Protects Hospitals

The Scope Collector

Scope’s minimal and zero-maintenance Collector appliance uses its pre-configured data acquisition pipelines to connect to existing data sources and security products from all across the network, cloud, endpoint, and even SIEM. It then enriches that data with all necessary security context, extracts relevant features and entities that are needed, and securely transmits it to the Scope OmniSight™ platform.

App Collector Config
App SLA Dashboard

The Scope Cloud Platform

Scope’s cloud platform is deployed across multiple regions to ensure maximum uptime for best in class resilience and reliability. Our infrastructure is tuned for maximum uptime, and performance is optimized to deliver detections in real time. Our environment is built for provable security.

OmniSight™ Healthcare AI

Scope OmniSight’s™ AI algorithms are trained on multiple levels of our product—advanced machine learning algorithms that can parse and process logs from thousands of systems, baselining and outlier detection algorithms that can find anomalies in any system, and AI automation to triage events like a layer-1 SOC Analyst.

App Network Anomaly
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OmniSight™ Threat Intelligence

Scope Security can natively ingest threat indicators from a myriad of technology sources, enrich them using multiple threat data sources (including our own tailored feeds) and provide a more prioritized view of threat across the enterprise. Using this approach, an HDO can ensure that they focus their resources on the threats that will most likely impact their organization.

Single Pane of Glass

Scope’s UI provides all of our insights in to the threats in your environment, as well as other recommendations we have for creating the most effective security program.

App Scope Security Dashboard
App Notification Endpoints

Flexible Alerting and Interaction

We know that you probably already have a way to ingest our information other than our interface. Scope can be configured to deliver results to any system you have—from as simple as email or text notification to integration with modern SIEMs and ticketing systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to deploy Scope OmniSight™?

Deployment is simple and swift, no agents required. The solution is cloud-based and connects with your existing environment.

Is Scope OmniSight™ a SIEM, XDR, MDR, MSSP or something else?

Scope's OmniSight™ platform is an open XDR platform that can be delivered in a managed or unmanaged model. For organizations that have their own full time SOC and their own SIEM, OmniSight™ functions as a security decision support system that gives the SOC visibility into key medical and clinical assets that are traditionally unsupported by security vendors. For healthcare organizations that aren't ready to build their own 24/7/365 security operations organization, Scope's world-class healthcare trained SOC can provide full support to work with the resources that the organization has to provide full security operations coverage.

Is Scope OmniSight™ a replacement for SIEM?

Yes, Scope OmniSight™ can augment or replace your SIEM.

  • Scope is focused on proactive detection across devices and technologies that are not covered by most security technologies; picking up weak, overlooked signals of attacker activity in medical infrastructure.
  • Scope is a cloud-based, machine-focused solution that is managed completely by Scope, while SIEM often requires many human resources to manage and maintain.
  • SIEM solutions often create many alerts and little findings. Because healthcare organizations don't often have the same number of resources as in other verticals, Scope is focused on high-confidence findings that preserve the resourcing that healthcare organizations have.
  • Scope connects and ingests raw, big data from data sources and security telemetry, proactively looking for attack TTPs.

Is Scope OmniSight™ a replacement for my IOT security solution?

Scope is designed to augment and work in concert with healthcare focused IOT solution providers like Medigate, Cynerio, Cylera, Ordr, etc. While those IOT solutions sit inline for network traffic, Scope OmniSight™ focuses on providing higher level context, acting as a healthcare-specific Managed XDR/SIEM style solution that allows our platform to take in information from those tools and merge that data together with logs from clinical technologies, EHR systems like Epic & Cerner, and the security telemetry from the rest of the controls in the network (e.g. EDR, NDR, DLP, netflow, DNS, etc). This is especially effective for organizations that have older switching and routing environments that can limit the deployment options for those types of technology to provide additional layers of coverage.

Does the solution detect attacks in real time?

Scope OmniSight™ detects attacks as they happen, and provides near real time findings from the very early stages of an attack operation.

How is Scope different from other XDRs in the market?

Scope differentiates itself from other XDR platforms by being easily integrated into all of the products that healthcare organizations have and detecting the threats that matter to those environments. Scope's Collector is configured out of the box to integrate with key Clinical technologies (e.g. PACS, medical devices), EHR Systems like Epic and Cenrner, and provides context across the entirety of the customer's stack.

How long does it take to implement?

Scope's Collector virtual appliance is configured out of the box to integrate with common healthcare and IT data sources that enable us to be up and running quickly. Once the virtual appliance is installed, it can start ingesting logs immediately.

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