Healthcare Security Requires More Than HIPAA Compliance

Mike Murray, co-founder and CEO of Scope Security, was featured in SC Media’s article Salesforce upgrades Health Cloud, adds enhanced security features to comment on the recent increase digital transformation of healthcare.

Excerpt from original article

The past 18 months have seen an explosion in the digital transformation of health care—from a massive explosion in telehealth to the largest year of health care focused venture capital investment ever, said Mike Murray, co-founder and CEO of Scope Security. Murray said this will lead to a lot of technology companies expanding their offerings to work with health care delivery organizations. We should also expect those companies take the time to understand how to protect patient and care data from disclosure and that they make the ecosystem more—rather than less—secure.

“With the drive for health systems to better use their data to enable better patient care, population health, and ultimately support higher patient volumes, more and more products are evolving to use that data in new and innovative ways,” Murray said. “The key is that we see vendors continue to emphasize the controls needed for security and privacy of that data. And, while HIPAA has become an important driver, organizations that focus only on compliance will likely fall short—it’s important that these new and innovative products drive more than just compliance with regulation, but actual data protection to ensure that these new use cases comply with the spirit of the law as well as the letter.”

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