Unique Cybersecurity Challenges for Hospitals - Security Weekly Podcast

Why Hospitals Face Unique Security Challenges

Mike Murray, founder and CEO of Scope Security, joins host Matt Alderman on the Business Security Weekly Podcast to discuss the unique challenges hospitals face in cybersecurity. Discussion Points In the last two years, more than 25% of US hospitals have suffered a ransomware attack. It is now possible for hospital IT teams to detect and stop cyberattacks across a hospital’s sprawling array of office IT, clinical technologies, and electronic health records. Cyberattacks can only be detected on office worker devices, which leaves two-thirds of a hospital’s IT environment invisible and unprotected. Listen Here About Security Weekly Security Weekly is the security podcast network for the security community, distributing free podcasts and media since 2005. They connect the security industry and the security community through their security market validation programs.   Check out the In Scope Podcast:

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