A Candid Conversation with Healthcare Security Expert Bill Pelletier

Healthcare security veteran Bill Pelletier has seen the industry from all sides. In this episode he shares his thoughts on what 2021 may look like for security vendors and CISOs alike. Show Notes Join this episode of In Scope, a podcast about healthcare security, with the best interviews, technical tips, and insights on the challenges […]

Looking Back at 2020: Oh What A Year

The Scope team reviews the year in healthcare security. And it was a doozy. Show Notes In this episode of In Scope, the healthcare security podcast, Mike Murray hosts another internal Scope Security conversation with colleagues Jeremy Richards and John Daniele. Jeremy is the Chief Architect at Scope, and he is responsible for data ingestion […]

Why Medical Informatics are here to stay with Dean Smith – New

Government security industry veteran Dean Smith talks with Mike Murray about securing EHRs and the challenges of interoperability across health systems. Show Notes Tune in to this episode of In Scope, where founder and CEO of Scope Security, Mike Murray, interviews Dean Smith regarding medical informatics. This is the healthcare security podcast, with the latest […]

Carolina Terrazas on Gaming Your Security Strategy

Mike talks with Cisco cybersecurity specialist (and avid gamer) Carolina Terrazas about how she helps CISOs prioritize their security spend using game theory. Show Notes In this episode of In Scope, the healthcare security podcast, host Mike Murray interviews Carolina Terrazas. Mike and Lina have been friends for some time, though up until this point, […]

There’s No Easy Button: The Evolution of Medical Device Security with Digicert’s Mike Nelson

The complexities of medical device security will only get more so, with the evolution of at-home healthcare, telemedicine and device IoT. In this episode, Mike Murray talks to Mike Nelson, VP of IoT Security at DigiCert about how security vendors and HDOs can rise to the challenge together. Show Notes In this episode of In […]

Ransomware Roundtable with the Scope Security Team

In the wake of a number of devastating ransomware attacks against hospitals, our experienced threat hunters discuss why ransomware is on the rise, and how health systems can protect themselves. Show Notes Today’s episode of In Scope is a unique episode, host Mike Murray interviews a couple members of the Scope Security team rather than […]

Ransom Notes: Kai Bernardini on the biggest threat facing healthcare today

Security researcher, lecturer and threat hunter Kai Bernandini shares his take on the state of ransomware in healthcare and where it’s headed, and geeks out with Mike on cryptography. PLUS: Our perspective on stopping a ransomware attack long before it can start. Show Notes On today’s episode of In Scope, host Mike Murray is joined […]

Shortcuts Have Sharp Edges: A Conversation with Esmond Kane

Managing security in a healthcare environment during COVID-19 is not for the faint of heart. Steward Health Care CISO Esmond Kane discusses the impacts and opportunities of managing cybersecurity in a pandemic. Show Notes On today’s episode of In Scope, host Mike Murray is joined by Esmond Kane, Chief Information Securities Officer at Steward Healthcare. […]

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