Why Medical Informatics are here to stay with Dean Smith – New

Government security industry veteran Dean Smith talks with Mike Murray about securing EHRs and the challenges of interoperability across health systems.

Show Notes

Tune in to this episode of In Scope, where founder and CEO of Scope Security, Mike Murray, interviews Dean Smith regarding medical informatics. This is the healthcare security podcast, with the latest interviews, technical tips, and perspective on the ever-changing healthcare ecosystem. Mike opens the episode by briefly asking Dean how life is going, then quickly jumping into the conversation on medical informatics.

What is medical informatics? Learn about this advanced application of technology to medicine and medical care. Dean gets into the electronic health records, patient portals, tele-medicine, and remote patient monitoring that merges the medical field with technology. While many assume it is “easy to secure paper records”, Mike asks Dean his perspective from a security standpoint. What is the challenge with the portable information? Should we go back to paper records? Don’t miss out on Dean’s crucial response regarding traceability and auditing capabilities with both systems.

The conversation continues as Mike and Dean discuss leveraging population health with the electronically structured data and the issue of interoperability. Records look different across the various medical technologies and hospital systems, so how do we solve this problem to make the information useful to public health? Dean touches on interoperability in regards to both systems and security.

As the digital transformation has taken off, new devices have been leveraged and data is being gathered in unprecedented ways. Learn that with moving outside the hospital walls to remote spaces, comes new network risks. Dean asserts that while access to data and information is key in the medical field—due to the life-threatening, urgent conditions being addressed—security should not be disregarded. He talks about the great advancements made with security already and how it is moving into play more and more as they work to secure medical data. Security used to be very off the table, but is moving more into play as they work to secure data. Dean recalls a recent cyber attack at hospital near him and the top “costs” that such events bring—financial cost, patient cost, and a loss of confidence and trust in the system.

This episode closes with with a positive look to the future. Mike asks about the distribution on the security load and what the technological future of the medical field looks like. As Dean quotes, “Let no crisis go wasted”, he sheds light on how COVID-19 has offered unprecedented advancements for moving care into individual environments—making virtual care more user-friendly for the patient and doctor. A host of advancements in general technology have been catalyzed greater by COVID-19 to better the medical field we now know. Dean leaves the listeners to think about how these realities are opening eyes of investors and leaders.


0:22 – Mike introduces guest Dean Smith

1:57 – What is medical informatics?

3:03 – A security look at paper vs. digital records

5:28 – Challenge of interoperability

8:00 – The digital transformation and its risks

11:05 – Recent cyber attack at a hospital

14:47 – Positive aspects for the future

17:33 – Opening the eyes of investors and leaders


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